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Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering whether you think its best to study in your room or at the library? What do you do that works for you? Also, sorry is this is a little invasive (you don't have to answer!), but I was wondering how much time you generally spend in your dorm room per day. I'm worried I'm spending wayy too much time myself! *o*


I don’t think there’s much of a difference between studying in your room and studying at the library, so long as you’re at a desk each time.  Don’t study in your bed!! I used to study in my bed, and I’d fall asleep while studying.  Also, if you don’t use your bed for just sleeping, you’re less likely to fall asleep in your bed when you need to.  It’s a psychological thing.

Studying in your room:

  • you don’t have to walk to the library
  • you don’t have to move all your stuff, carry your heavy books all over
  • you have a guaranteed seat at your own desk
  • the library could close, whereas your room is always available to you
  • not as many people as the library
  • you can study out loud

Studying in the library (for this case, I’ll be talking about the university library):

  • if your library has a 24-hour room, and your roommate is sleeping, you can go to the library
  • not surrounded by the distractions of your living space
  • everyone around you is studying too, which is pretty encouraging
  • sometimes the textbooks are kept at the school library
  • idk about your school, but my school library had a little café with snacks and coffee at it, which I thought was pretty neat
  • at my school library, there were also little study-rooms for group study
  • whiteboards everywhere!! (just bring your own marker and eraser)

I mostly studied in my room or in the study lounge in my dorm.  The study lounge had chalkboards and whiteboards.  It was pretty loud there sometimes, but there was also a 24-hour quiet study room in case we wanted silence.  I mostly just didn’t want to walk all the way to the library.  It wasn’t that far away, but I didn’t want to do it.  Where you study is something you’ll work out for yourself.  Try the library and your room, and see what you like best.

I spent a lot of time in my room, at least, compared to my roommate.  For the first two quarters, I had a job, so I wasn’t in my room on some afternoons and saturdays.  My schedule was kind of strangely spread out all the time, though, so I would frequently return to my room after morning classes, or after lunch.  The people in my dormitory were really nice and I liked them, so I was fine with being in the dorms a lot.  I would spend time in my room, alone, with the door closed (because it would be noisy outside and I wanted to watch shows), but that kind of isolated me from my friends sometimes.  If you close your door, people think you aren’t in the room.  Surprisingly few people actually bother to knock if the door is closed.

It doesn’t really matter how much time you spend in the room.  If you like spending time in your room, then do it! If you want to go out more, or talk to people, leave your door open when you’re in the room.  People will just wander by and talk to you.  You can also just stay inside the building and talk to your neighbors.  Just do whatever you’re comfortable with.  There’s no right or wrong way to spend your time :)

I hope that was helpful!! Ask me more college questions if you have them.


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American Sex Education


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They’re honestly shitting on the game in this pic


They’re honestly shitting on the game in this pic



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FoldScope is microscope that can be assembled from a flat sheet of paper. It costs less than a dollar to produce, can provide over 2000x magnification, and requires no external power. The tool aims to help diagnose diseases in developing countries and to make science education easily accessible to people around the world.

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